Serving schools throughout North America for more than 25 years, Cover Graphics is committed to providing public and private schools with FREE and PERSONALIZED school textbook covers.

Your custom covers will be shipped directly to the school and serve as great BUDGET STRETCHERS as typically these very costly textbooks enjoy much longer shelf life when they receive a fresh new book cover each year. Furthermore, thanks to the custom design featuring your school name and logo printed on each cover and finished in your primary school color in a nice high gloss format, your personalized covers are sure to promote school pride.

The covers are paid for by the support of top businesses and professionals who place tasteful advertising on your covers seeking to enhance their image in the community. We use only age and family appropriate advertisers. Many schools depend on local business owners to help support their schools. The beauty of involving local businesses in your free covers is that it serves to enhance the relationships you enjoy with the business community. The bottom line is that their support on the covers helps to solidify your connection as opposed to simply asking for donations. The covers are a great investment tool actually giving the business a return on their investment dollar while providing schools with the free covers. Business owners are often MUCH more inclined to continue to support or even increase their support for local schools when their relationship with you enjoys the added benefts of book cover advertising.

Please request your FREE supply with the form below or for more information, we encourage you to email us at We look forward to serving you for many years to come!

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